Research quality: core requirements

Sylics aims to contribute to the development of new treatments of neurological and psychiatric diseases by serving its clients with high quality studies. These should enable our customers to make strategic drug development decisions. Sylics has participated in the EU network EQIPD aimed at improving the quality and reproducibility of pre-clinical research. Within EQIPD, a number of core requirements were defined that need to be addressed to ensure research quality. The team at Sylics is continuously monitoring its performance on these core requirements to ensure high research quality.

Research quality
Sylics bilthoven

Transparant studies: a detailed study plan

One of the core requirements that needs to be met to achieve high quality is writing of a detailed study plan. Before the start of the study, we discuss the experimental design and protocols with our clients and outline this in a detailed study. The study plan describes all laboratory procedures and a pre-specific statistical analysis plan. This document ensures that the entire study is performed according to the expectations of the client, and the conclusions in the final report are generated in a transparent way.


Research facility and SOPs

Sylics runs behavioural tests in well-separated rooms that are permanently equipped with specific behavioural setups for conventional and automated screening. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to an optimal execution of all behavioural experiments, according to our standard operating procedures (SOPs). Behavioural tests are constantly being developed and optimized by our scientist and our team continuously reviews and optimizes our internal procedure, to reach the highest level of quality.


Sylics facility
PhenoTyper room at Sylics

Automated behavioral testing and data analysis

Sylics aims to reduce unnecessary animal handling and to automate data analysis of behavioral tests. Our home-cage behavioral testing in the Phenotyper reduces stress and experimenter bias. Sylics customers can login to our website to keep track of the latest aqcuired and automatically analyzed behavioral data of their experiments. We therefore perform our research with a strong focus on transparancy to our customer.