We are open to collaboratively develop new automated home-cage-based paradigms, mouse models and references databases of behavioural profiles.

R&DCharacterization of mouse models and development of novel tests

Having ample experience with protocol development, we are your designated partner to develop automated tests targeting the behaviour you are interested in. In addition, our sophisticated data analysis platform, AHCODA™, facilitates the identification of behavioural parameters that are affected in your mouse model of interest. These parameters are valuable behavioural biomarkers that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of novel treatments. This process is catalyzed by our reference database with over 10,000 behavioural profiles linked to specific genotypes (mouse models), common inbred strains, and drug effects, which provides an excellent entry to classify behavioural effects found by automated home-cage observation.

Automated tests in development

We are constantly working to supplement our available behavioural paradigms for automated home-cages with new paradigms that are relevant for studying psychiatric and neurological diseases. Find information about ongoing projects here.