Social Behaviour Tests

Sylics offers tests to evaluate social behaviours.

Three Chamber Sociability Test

The three‐chamber test is a commonly used method to measure social approach behaviour in mice. After adaptation to the three-chamber arena, a mouse is released into the middle chamber and allowed to explore the other compartments. In the adjacent compartments an object or a docile stimulus mouse is situated in a mesh-wire container. The tendency to approach or avoid the compartment with the stimulus mouse provides a measure of sociability.

In a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome, which is characterized by social behavioral changes, we confirmed previous reports on a reduction in preference for social interaction.

Healthy control mice have a tendency to socialize; they spend more time in the mouse compartment in comparison to the object compartment.
Tube test for evaluation of social dominance in mice

Tube Test

The tube test is a well-known paradigm to measure social dominance in mice. The test consists of a tube with a diameter that is just wide enough to fit one mouse. After being habituated to run through the tube individually, two mice are released from the opposite ends of the tube. After mice meet each other in the middle, the social recessive mouse moves backwards, out of the tube.

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