Behavioural tests

Sylics operates a 1000 square meter animal facility where well-separated rooms are permanently equipped with specific behavioural setups for conventional and automated screening. Together with our fully standardized operating procedures, this ensures the highest level of reproducibility.

Standardized and customized tests

behavioral-testsWe offer a continuously increasing number of behavioural tests that evaluate a range of locomotor, cognitive and anxiety phenotypes. In case your project requires an adapted form of a conventional behavioural test, or no test with the required readout is currently available, our scientists are keen to think along with you to develop customized behavioural tests. Contact us if you have any questions about customized tests.

Automated behavioural screening

Sylics is the leading provider of automated home-cage-based screening. Automated home-cages have the potential to increase the efficiency, sensitivity, and reproducibility of behavioural testing, because tests are executed in a familiar environment and without human intervention. We are continuously developing novel tests to add to our automated test repertoire. We have implemented our established automated tests for motor function, activity/anxiety and cognition in our standard screening services.