Nesting test

Evaluation of hippocampal function

Nesting-testBoth male and female mice will build a nest when they are provided with suitable building material. This species-specific behaviour requires organization of a complex set of behaviours, and appears highly sensitive to interventions or mutations that affect hippocampal function. To assess nest building behaviour, additional nesting material is introduced into each animal’s home-cage. The next morning, nest quality is scored according to a previously described rating scale of 1-51.

Nest building is affected in AD models

Mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease show deficits in nest building, which is likely to be the result of hippocampal deficits.

A more detailed protocol for the nesting test can be found here.

1Age-dependent and -independent behavioral deficits in Tg2576 mice. Deacon et al., Behav Brain Res. 2008; 189:126