Mouse breeding

Sylics offers a range of services related to mouse breeding, genotyping, and microbiome transplantation.

Mouse breeding and genotyping

Sylics has extensive experience with breeding a wide variety of hemizygous and homozygous transgenic mice. This includes crossing two or more transgenic mouse lines. Sylics also offers rapid genotyping, for experiments that require experimental interventions in neonatal mice. Please contact us to discuss your needs for the breeding and genotyping of mice.

Breeding isolators are the perfect solution to perform studies on the effect of microbiome on neurological and psychiatric diseases, to breed gnotobiotic germ-free mice, and to maintain mouse lines Specific Pathogen Free.

Microbiome transplantation

The microbiome has gained increased prominence over the last few years. The gut microbiome was shown to play a key role in modulating the phenotypes in multiple disease models. In addition, the gut microbiome can have a significant effect in behavioral tests in mice. Sylics offers services relating to the transplantation of the microbiome in rodents. Please contact us for more information.

More information

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about our Breeding solutions. We will contact you within 1 business day.

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