Loos et al. (2010) Behav Brain Res

Inhibitory control and response latency differences between C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mice in a Go/No-Go and 5-choice serial reaction time task and strain-specific responsivity to amphetamine. Loos M, Staal J, Schoffelmeer ...

Van Den Oever et al. (2010) Neuropsychopharmacology

Extracellular matrix plasticity and GABAergic inhibition of prefrontal cortex pyramidal cells facilitates relapse to heroin seeking. Van den Oever MC, Lubbers BR, Goriounova NA, Li KW, Van der Schors RC, ...

Loos et al. (2009) Genes Brain Behav

Activity and impulsive action are controlled by different genetic and environmental factors. Loos M, van der Sluis S, Bochdanovits Z, van Zutphen IJ, Pattij T, Stiedl O; Neuro-BSIK Mouse Phenomics ...

Loos et al. (2010) Cereb Cortex

Dopamine receptor D1/D5 gene expression in the medial prefrontal cortex predicts impulsive choice in rats. Loos M, Pattij T, Janssen MC, Counotte DS, Schoffelmeer AN, Smit AB, Spijker S, van ...

Li et al. (2007) J Proteome Res

Quantitative proteomics and protein network analysis of hippocampal synapses of CaMKIIalpha mutant mice. Li KW, Miller S, Klychnikov O, Loos M, Stahl-Zeng J, Spijker S, Mayford M, Smit AB. J ...

Pattij et al. (2007) Genes Brain Behav

Strain specificity and cholinergic modulation of visuospatial attention in three inbred mouse strains. Pattij T, Janssen MC, Loos M, Smit AB, Schoffelmeer AN, van Gaalen MM. Genes Brain Behav. 2007 ...

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